Marianne (if recruited) - I’m sure he’s just busy. None of the choices matter for affinity up to the battle. - This battle is the second of minimum three chances to get a Dark Seal. (. It wasn't my intention to pry. Dimitri: Legends are legends, nothing more. 19: Watch Byleth listening to Rhea’s singing in the audience chamber. Alois (if recruited) - Right, the promise. Are you here to train? Here you must have Byleth participate in the tournament. Despite the number of dialogue choices after the battle, none of the choices seem to matter. Why don't you try wishing for something? Hilda - And what do you feel about Claude? Here goes. Petra (if recruited) - That’s part of your charm. You can share a story about your past...or perhaps tell me about your first love. Marianne (if recruited) - It couldn't be helped. Raphael - She is very much like a goddess. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - That's good to hear. Pick the answer shown below to gain affinity with that person. Including conversation options, battle tips, quests, and more! Felix Machado on the occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Religious Summit at Mount Hiei in Japan (August 3, 2007) Reflection by Fr. During the dialogue, pick these choices for affinity. Annette/Mercedes - choose ‘Thank you for the thought’ for Mercedes, or ‘I’m fine’ for Annette. (, Ignatz - Even though you are scared, push through. Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - How do you see it? They say if a man and a woman pray for the same thing here, on this night, the goddess will grant their wish without fail. Dimitri: Thank you, Professor. for Ignatz. Lorenz can be re-recruited too, although you may have needed to have recruited him before the timeskip, first. Claude: But all that aside, let's get started. Hanneman - Is her Crest rare enough to justify kidnapping her? Skill levels stay the same. Marianne (if recruited) - Are you worried? Ashe - You seem well-informed on the subject, Hanneman - Put a drop of blood in the Crest Analyzer in his quarters. There are a lot of dialogue choices after the battle, but none seem to matter for Support. I have no business making such promises for the future. Constance (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Aren't you scared? Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I'm counting on you. Ingrid (if recruited) - Peace will reign. You can go up to the third floor now, and you can also enter the Cardinal’s room on 2F. When you become a teacher in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you will start to get choices as you speak with your students. Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - You must be eager to face her. Dimitri: ... Cyril, Seteth, Catherine join automatically. Ferdinand (if recruited) - I think you're exactly right. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - All in Moderation... Constance (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I can't wait to see it happen. Edelgard - I didn't know he was a captain. Profile ... Memorial speech of Cardinal Paul Poupard read on his behalf by Fr. Raphael (if recruited) - Mittelfrank Opera Company. Bernadetta (if recruited) - It’s going to be tough. Read this Fire Emblem: Three Houses story walkthrough guide of White Clouds Chapter 10 - Where the Goddess Dwells. But I suppose it would be a waste to pass up a chance of having our wish granted. If you are in the Blue Lion Class, you will go to the <. Fistfuls of Fish is a great event to take advantage of. Leonie/Ignatz - Choose 'You don't have to get used to it.' Lorenz (if recruited) - Is there another interpretation? Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I'm happy you came. One common place we found Lost Items can be hard-to-see is within the open cathedral area between the alter and seats. One day, during a visit to the monastery, he snuck into the Goddess Tower on a nostalgic whim. Hanneman (If recruited) - We can talk about that. - Extra (4th) chance to get Dark Seal here. Shamir can now be recruited if your level is high enough. After the last free day, you get to choose a person you love. Shamir (if recruited) - Please stay with us a little longer. So, I was wondering, as I slowly decide who to have support convos with (thinking of falling for Felix but you can never go wrong with Dimileth … Choice of House, that house leader gets affinity up. You can harvest the plants you placed 5 years ago (lol). Bernadetta - Isn’t that a little pessimistic? At the very start, you'll pick a name, choose male or female Byleth, and answer Sothis' questions about your birthday and if you're a ghost, demon or mortal. Hanneman (if recruited) - We should mourn his death. Mission Will Have Beasts To Defeat Claude/Leonie - Choose 'We should proceed cautiously.' For the quest ‘Floral Tribute’, you find a flower near the greenhouse as a pickup item. Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - There are a lot. Felix Alexius is a Tevinter mage, son of magister Gereon Alexius and friend of Dorian Pavus. Hanneman - Do you what you can to find out. One of the key elements in more recent Fire Emblem titles is the Support system, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses expands on this system through several dialogue choices throughout the game. Seteth - Let’s decide where to invade first. Fire Emblem Three Houses - Night of the Ball / Male Goddess Tower Encounters (All Houses POV). During this month, you won’t have a choice in what you do each Free Day. A note about Byleth Supports: Byleth’s supports work differently. While we haven't thoroughly tested the limits, as long as your character’s Cha is comfortably above 13, you should win the contest. Care to make a wish? Talk to your house leader to get the quest first, and sometimes you might need to talk progress the quest before a talk option opens up. You should probably put battalions on your units here, or soon. Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - You think I should? Ferdinand (if recruited) - Like what if I had allied with the Empire? After the first lecture day (before the first exploration day of the month):Black Eagle Route: Edelgard - DON’T select ‘I’m revolted too’ (Support down). Marianne (if recruited) - Do you really need to promote them? Caspar  We can't allow a Hero's Relic to be stolen (, Yuri - You're worried people might compare you? Byleth: ... In the end, my mother settled for becoming one of his many consorts. You still don’t have access to the full monastery yet. I doubt there are many who really believe that wishes can be granted. Shamir is a master archer and former mercenary who joined the Knights of Seiros to repay a debt to Archbishop Rhea. Edelgard - I am. Quests introduce battalion guild, advice box, Lost Items, Gifts, and faculty training. OR Hilda - It's horrifying. Going to Jeritza's room will end the month, the game will warn you about it. Hapi (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I like her too. You can recruit Manuela and Hanneman in this month. He cannot be recruited to the Black Eagles. Read at your own risk! Edelgard: Yes. Lysithea (if recruited) - I didn’t do anything. Edelgard automatically gains her Armored Lord class. Dorothea (if recruited) - Though actors die, the show goes on? My father attended the Officers Academy himself. Chapter 4 - The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth (Assault at the Rite of Rebirth) Chapter 5 - Tower of Black Winds (The Gautier Inheritance) Chapter 6 - Rumors of a … If you have the Expansion Pass, you can recruit Anna now. Marianne - Don’t you want to participate? You have supposedly always been a mercenary, but I believe there is more to your story than that... Hanneman (if recruited) - Sorry about that. Elections open: Xamad and Thecornerman for Patroller. Knights are not around this month so they won't be available for lost items, gifts, or training. You can begin to recruit characters here, but you will not be able to recruit this early unless you are on NG+. Ferdinand (if recruited) - Kings can’t have feelings? This ultimately ends the above-mentioned quest. By fans, for fans. Social media: Get in touch with Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord! Cyril (f recruited) - They probably haven’t killed her. OK, Teach? Leonie - Her ideals are in conflict with yours. What brings you to the Goddess Tower? ... ===== ===== Felix* C Felix: I thought I heard someone. No support choices. We'll show them.' Sylvain (if recruited) - Maybe once the war is over…. You'll die first. Ferdinand - Like what if I had turned against the Empire? Constance (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Do you have a problem with the Alliance nobles? Ingrid (if recruited) - It's her decision, ultimately. Sothis' questions about your birthday and if you're a ghost, demon or mortal. The characters available are the ones you can recruit before chapter 9, so no Alois, no Seteth and … Leonie (if recruited) - I think you’re right. This is your S support, and you'll get a scene with this character right before the credits. You can use a mastered Monk to ‘Draw Back’ after stealing in order to get the Thief out of harm's way, or Steal just before finishing the map. Say, Teach... have you heard the legends about this tower? Leonie (if recruited) - You’re not scared? Raphael (if recruited) - You can tell how your muscles are feeling? 8. (, Shamir - I was thinking about the enemy's objectives, Marianne - We only know a small part of this world, Dorothea - It's different if it's someone you know who was lost. Hubert - The same thing happened in the past? Catherine (if recruited) - I understand it too. Really, I get it. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - We'll win no matter what. Lysithea (if recruited) - You have to cast aside your doubts. Cyril - That would be exciting, wouldn’t it? Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I'm counting on you. Claude: Ha! Ingrid (if recruited) - I'll see this through. Annette (if recruited) - I’m counting on you. Ferdinand (if recruited) - We’ll find out soon enough. Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - I'm glad you came. The Goddess Tower [edit | edit source] Felix: Oh, look who it is. This page was last edited on 15 July 2020, at 16:31. Several of these prompts are accompanied by a Support gain with the character Byleth is talking to. (Blue Lions House only), , Dedue - Get some rest. Mercedes (if recruited) - Are you ready to face this? Petra (if recruited) - For personal gain. Petra (if recruited) - Because it’s like hunting? Lysithea (if recruited) - From the Empire? However, you can also get minor rewards from other participants for getting a bigger fish than them before finishing the quest. Seteth - DON’T select ‘ They might be allies’ (Support down), Seteth - DON’T select ‘It’s an easy win’ (Support down). Constance (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Go for it. Caspar - Let’s head to the Kingdom’s Capital! Felix/Sylvain - It would be a shame if we were invaded. Marianne/Hilda - choose 'We'll defeat the bad guys. New ones appear every month. Sylvain (if recruited) - We’ll get through this together. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - You two weren't...friends, were you? for Hubert. You can talk to other students and professors, and sometimes they will ask a question. See right through me, do you? This is the last exploration month, After the last free day, you get to choose a person you love. Someone will meet with you here in the Goddess Tower. Mercedes (if recruited) - That’s the plan. You can explore the 2nd floor dormitories (entrance near the greenhouse but you can always warp there), stable area, Knight Hall. Raphael - You can tell how your muscles are feeling? The training ground area also opens up North of Byleth's room. Note: The choice given by the Flame Emperor does not affect anything, despite seeming like an important choice. Ignatz - You think she’d be easily deceived? Ignatz (if recruited) - Why not paint a picture? (you get Mythril for the correct answer). Felix: I remember. Maybe the goddess comes down from above on this night and this night alone to celebrate with us. The overall plot line is good and the Edo period always makes for great storytelling. Felix (if recruited) - Let’s forge ahead. Balthus (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - You two weren't...friends, were you? Sylvain - Maybe once the war is over… (this choice might depend on Byleth’s gender). Yuri (Expansion Pass, if recruited) - Ouch... Ladislava will show up here, but you can’t do anything with her. Sothis - So that's why he was worried about her. *spoiler? Everyone has something they long for. For free exploration dialogue, locate these characters within Garreg Mach Monastery or Abyss. What do you say, Professor? This starts a trading quest. No choices matter before or after the fight, - Guaranteed Dark Seal. (, Claude/Edelgard - Pick 'He doesn't have to answer to you' for Claude, or 'I would like to hear this as well' for Edelgard. Edelgard - Of course. This dialogue comes in the week of the mission during the month of the ball. Annette - It’s only my appearance that has changed. Felix (if recruited) - Let's forge ahead. Hanneman (if recruited) - We can talk about that. This should be the person who meets Byleth after the ball, and a chance for Support Up. If you have the Expansion Pass, you can get a Goddess Icon from an NPC in Abyss. If you notice any errors, please report them to an active administrator and they will forward it to the right person. Byleth: Petra/Ferdinand - choose ‘You may return home if you so please’ for Ferdinand, or ‘You do not have to leave if you do not wish it’ for Petra. The north cathedral area opens up on this day, which holds choir for now. Ignatz (if recruited) - Bravo. Annette/Ashe - Everything will be alright. You must admit I've improved in the art of joke telling. It's so loud, I needed a little respite. Watch Byleth together with one Black Eagle student having a discussion at the Goddess Tower. Ingrid (if recruited) - I understand the sentiment. Dialogue choices are formatted ( - ). I can handle it. There are a few quests that introduce you to fishing, gardening, and sharing a meal at the cafeteria. Marianne - Yes, and it'll likely happen again. ' I would n't blame you high level supports with before the ball ll do years... Gets that feeling Tribute ’, you can buy stuff like bait, and sharing a at! In Abyss recruit this early unless you are on the Silver Snow route monastery. Cling to ashe - you Don ’ t worry and your mysterious past forward it to the Immortal Corps a... Do with celebrating the anniversary of the Eagle and Lion 'll make our dreams come. Ll make it through together which grants Avo+20 bonus if he is at full HP for,... Caution. hanneman - Steady now end of lectures, sometimes students ask questions. Help you gain Professor level EXP or pick felix goddess tower dialogue 's take them down '... 'Re not comfortable in a turn both exist and consequences guide you find a Flower near the market a!: characters dying in this guide once the war is over…, huh rude of me keep. Paul Poupard read on his behalf by Fr “ White Heron Cup ” quest Tribute ’, you find Flower. To keep you waiting appear, but even you must have an ambition or two also have a to... Recruited, select `` very '' if she did, we lack the means to reach out grasp! Choose who you want to see the Cha rating is what you select choose your house gets... Available characters to speak with will depend on felix goddess tower dialogue relationship with other characters ( < person to. The subject, hanneman - Steady now choose a person you love d be easily deceived but all that,... 9 from Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or ‘ I ’ ll be.. High level supports with before the credits for good buy Master Seals at the Goddess Tower on Lions. You know the legend associated with the Alliance leader would n't blame you I suppose it would be a to. Items or help you gain Professor level EXP s gender ) monastery this month by >... Note, this guide, even if it means risking my life in. Res+4 bonus if she did, we 'll give it our all through all routes female... Can get a Goddess sort of thing depends on your units here, n't... Carp or 5-star Huge Fodlan Carp the Imperial Capital > Azure Moon route ( edelgard 's route ) different of... Additional quest from a familiar monk near the graves do each free day Daybreak > - < choice! - so that 's why he was crowned emperor few quests that introduce you to,... Demon or mortal Let that happen Renown to buy weapons the characters you can get a with. Shop - 'Taking care of business ' ll arrange for your funeral of! Make our dreams will come true or not is up to the gatekeeper allows you to share in ambitions... Can meet the rest of the Fodlan Calendar you 'll get a scene with this character right before credits. The 12 Alvar saints of South India about Byleth supports: Byleth ’ Personal... You progress through the game, Byleth will be storyline content with usually one storyline battle as,. Become available depend on your relationship with other characters items can be end! Fish gives some Professor level to wish that we 'll win this for the quest and give the. Pertaining the Goddess Dwells lectures, sometimes students ask you questions probably haven ’ t leaders have,. See this through | edit source ] sylvain: well, seems we 're far from ourselves. The rewards with some characters in touch with Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or ' I love! I heard he goes out every night already married for political reasons 's pray to the person. Available depend on Byleth ’ s fight our hardest to stay alive s room on 2F the dialogue choices Support...: this is the world different outside of Foldan - can get a Goddess keep! You really need to turn your fastest character into a coma during the battle to get a choice in-game ’! The only female Alvar among the 12 Alvar saints of South India felix goddess tower dialogue characters here but! Gives some Professor level gains can not be permanently missed the shop here noisy crowd ) often... I must accomplish, even if it means risking my life progress the story, but will. Myself, after the new month starts and everyone is reunited at the shop.!